Wednesday, April 24, 2013

MfCP: The Mountain Goats - Dilaudid

I always knew that I should like these guys, it just took me a while to get around to it. So glad that I finally got with it - so little music is like poetry anymore. And that's a damn shame. Since I am new to this scene, and to John Darnielle's verse, this particular song struck me hardest on my first listening. That's not to say that it is the album's most visceral overall - I now have several favorites that cut deep in varied ways and acting under much subtler witchcraft. But, this song is special because it gives you no choices. You will be struck by it. It is the swinging, bloodied fist of the album. Intense, ugly. Swift and beautiful. Well crafted - a beauty in spite of her anger.

The rest of this album is awesome, too. A real standout.

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